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Heavenís Landing Airpark, is a ďone stopĒ gated fly-in community as well.  With some of the lowest priced 100LL and Jet A fuel in the country, there is rarely a need for an intermittent stop en route to your destination.  Each owner at Heavenís Landing airpark also shares in an undivided interest in the community runway, so its use can never be taken away or tolled.  The covenants here at Heavenís Landing are smart and equitable!

Taxiway lots are available, so you can construct your home and hangar together if you choose, and all of the lots in Heavenís Landing average 1.5 acres in size.  However, many of our customers decide to couple a spectacular mountain view with the fly in lifestyle.  In order to accommodate the aircraft belonging to our mountain estate owners, we have an exquisitely designed hangar facility.  All hangars feature Wilson bi-fold aluminum doors, standing seamed roofing, a full bathroom, heat, and windows that aesthetically cause these hangars to look nothing like hangars at all!

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Heavenís Landing substantially raises the bar for todayís ďfly-inĒ standard of living.  Heavenís Landing is more than just a runway next to your home, and much more than just another beautiful place in the mountains.  When you live at Heavenís Landing you have little reason or need to be anywhere else, yet you always have the flexibility to conveniently go anywhere that you want to be.  Heavenís Landing is a waypoint to the world, but more importantly Heavenís Landing is a perfect destination.

Heavenís Landing offers a unique combination of world class design, plentiful amenities, beautiful mountain scenery, and seclusion without inconvenienceÖ  ďLike No Place on Earth!Ē  Architectural guidelines with mandatory review ensure quality and guarantee aesthetic appeal.  At Heavenís Landing the cost of living is low and the quality of life is out of this world!

When you are ready to own your slice of Heaven, give us a call.  Tours of Heavenís Landing are available seven days a week.  Schedule your visit today, and see why Heavenís Landing truly lives up to its name!

Heaven's Landing's Declaration of Restrictive Covenants

Heaven's Landing's Architectural Guidelines

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Directions to Heaven's Landing:

From SR 441 go West on HWY 76. Go approximately 1.5 miles on 76 West to Germany Road.  Turn Right on Germany Road and go up the hill for 3.1 miles. Fork to the Left (just over a small bridge) onto Devils Branch Road and go 300 yards.  Turn Right on Little Creek Road.

Current Fuel Prices:

$4.45 for Avgas and $3.59 for Jet A


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